Liza Witte Kabane Room Fragrance 100ml
Liza Witte Kabane Room Fragrance 100ml

Liza Witte Kabane Room Fragrance 100ml

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Kabane Room Fragrance

This room fragrance is carefully handcrafted by Liza Witte in Amsterdam. 100ml.

A walk through a green forest, flooded with sunlight, the aroma of sun-drenched wood, green pines, and scrubs, quickly drying down in a deep warm wooden scent of sawdust and vanilla with a hint of a fireplace. We arrive in a cedar wood cabin high in the mountains. This is home.

Kabane can be used as a fragrance for your room, curtains, and walls. You could also wear it by perfuming your clothes, linen, wardrobe, and hair. When perfuming your hair - walk through the mist. Always keep an arm's length distance, never directly on the surface or fabric. Shake before use.


Water (Aqua), Alcohol, Perfume (Fragrance), Emulsifier, Preservative.